The campaign restarts in 2017.

Because everybody deserve a Christmas present!

From 1st December till 22th December 2017 !


Launched in 1999 by les Samaritains asbl of Brussels, the campaign donated more than 20,000 gifts for the homeless and the poor of Belgium in 2012 and 2013! These gifts are distributed by various charitable associations during the year-end holiday season (The Samaritans, Les Restos du Cœur, Poverello…).

How to prepare the shoe box ?

The shoe boxes contain more or less 10 food items and beverages (non-alcoholic, non-perishable, easy to open and ready to eat) and a season’s greetings card. When filled, they are wrapped as Christmas gifts.

For more info, see the page Boxes

Where to bring the shoe boxes ?

The shoe boxes are to be deposited between the 1st of December and the 22th of december 2017 in one of the storage locations listed on the page storage locations. Talk it over with your friends to arrange to group your donations and drop them off at one of the storage locations.

To discover the storage location closest to you, see the page Storage Locations

Who distributes the boxes ?

The boxes are distributed to the homeless and the poor by the Restos du Cœur, Poverello, Nativitas, the Samu Social, Ange gardien, La Fontaine, Chez Nous/Bij Ons, the Spanish Mission, the CPAS of Schaerbeek… and, of course, by Les Samaritains on New Year’s eve.

Results ?


Thanks to the generosity of our donators, the campaign collected and distributed

  • in 2006 : 2850 boxes
  • in 2007 : 6265 boxes
  • in 2008 : 7355 boxes
  • in 2009 : 9890 boxes
  • in 2010 : 9522 boxes
  • in 2011 : 15348 boxes
  • in 2012 : 20151 boxes
  • in 2013 : 22552 boxes
  • in 2014 : 14453 boxes
  • in 2015 : 15394 boxes
  • in 2016 : 19275 boxes

to the homeless and poor of Belgium.

In 2010, a study showed that 1 Belgian out of 7 i.e. 14.7 % of the population or a total of 1,500,000 people live below poverty level with a monthly income of 899 € or less for a single person. The Christmas presents are intended for these people!

Ever better results ?

Thanks to you, we can collect even more boxes …

To discover how, see the page Spread the word